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Introducing the AN Mailbag!

In an effort to bring even more interactivity to A's baseball discussion, I am announcing the creation of the Athletics Nation Mailbag.

Ezra Shaw

Every week, a selected group of front page writers will respond to AN readers' questions submitted to a new email address we have created:

athleticsnationmailbag [at] gmail [dot] com

You have burning questions about roster construction? Email us! Have an idea for a research topic? Email us! Want to know what our favorite players are? Email us!

Our hope is that this will become a regular, weekly feature. In addition, Twitter and Facebook submissions will also be accepted. Also, Nico requests that spam and porn submissions be goat-related only.

Of course, please continue to write fanposts, fanshots, and keep commenting. After the nuclear meltdown that baseball commentary will be after the MVP awards are announced today, we will need somewhere to escape and worry whether Adam Rosales could possibly handle everyday shortstop duties.

For now, hang out and watch the baseball world fracture!