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Your FIRST PLACE Oakland Athletics Have a Winner-Take-All Game Today

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In case you are living under a rock, the A's go up against the Rangers for one last game, for all the marbles. Can the Rangers, who have held onto first place all year, hold on for one more game, or can the upstart A's, with all the momentum, pull off the ultimate upset?

Do you know what's better than watching A's game #160 alone in your house in SoCal? Watching A's game #161 with other SoCal ANers, of course! Last night's EPIC party saw the A's tie the Rangers for first place and force a winner-take-all game this afternoon. You know, I bet no one planning the schedule thought that game #162 would be the most important game of the A's season, but here we are.

From last night:


The TV shows the A's in first place, as well as "Winner of tomorrow's game wins the AL West". Please, please, please let it be us!


This was an incredibly fun A's party, made infinitely better by half of the group leaving from my house to drive to Oakland for the game today! I really didn't think anything could top 2006, but this has done it. I love the 2012 Athletics more than any team previously, and I just want them to win today.

Thank you to all my old and new SoCal ANers, who made game #161 one of my best memories of the season!

T-minus 5.5 hours until the winner-take-all game. I'll be here with the last regular season game thread at noon! And until then, enjoy this one from