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Open Thread: World Series Game 2 - DET at SFG

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Raise your hand if you had an 8-1 outcome on the books for Game 1. Now, keep them raised if part of your guess included a 4 inning start for Verlander, him being out pitched by Barry Zito, Zito hitting an RBI single off Verlander, three Pablo Sandoval HRs, and the final score favoring the Giants.

Well, she said she had met me before, but I barely knew her
Well, she said she had met me before, but I barely knew her
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, I didn't think so. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Giants are now 3 wins away from their second World Series championship in 3 years. I know, guys... me too.

When you look at it, though, this series is not a good matchup for the Tigers. The Giants strike out much less so than the A's and Yankees, and in doing so put the ball in play. This is bound to expose the TIgers' inferior defense. In addition, the Tigers' bullpen is much, much weaker than the Giants. That said, the Tigers still have the edge in both offense and pitching overall. Indeed, on paper, the Madison Bumgardner-Doug Fister matchup surely favors Detroit. What's more, if both pitch like they have this postseason, Game 2 should be an easy bounceback game and the Tigers ought to return to Detroit with a 1-1 tie. After that, they'd need to win a 5 game series with them having home-field advantage.

So, naturally, that probably means Austin Jackson will have 2 HRs go off his glove and over the fence and two balls will ricochet off of 2nd and 1st bases for a two triples. Sigh. Hopefully the baseball Gods had all their fun in the first game and are sitting this one out.

Let's go... 7 games?