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Open Thread: World Series - Game 1 - Tigers vs. Giants

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I'm not sure you could pick a more hilarious match-up for Justin Verlander than Barry Zito. But remember, the Cardinals were laughing all the way to the World Series until they were stymied by Zito in his last start; a season-saving performance that rivaled his 2006 performance for the A's--sent the Giants to the World Series for the second time in three years.

Doug Pensinger

Yes, I'm aware that 99.99% of Athletics Nation is rooting for the Tigers. What's not to root for? It's the American League, it's the team that bested the A's and ended the magical season of 2012, and one who has been classy enough to give our fans shout-outs for weeks, and let us have a very special moment at the ballpark thanking our team two weeks ago. It's also the team with power pitching, the Triple-Crown winner, and all of the swagger to accompany their playoff run.

The Giants are the thorn in the A's side; the team that steals Bay Area glory, fans, money, and territorial rights. And I get all that, I do, and say what you want, but they aren't the Yankees. Or even the Dodgers, really. Check them out. This team has been cobbled together after losing a few key players; including their former ace, who is a shell of himself, and our former ace, who was the laughingstock of the NL until exactly last week.

Justin Verlander--you remember him--will take the mound after absolutely dominating the A's twice and the Yankees once during a memorable playoff run. He never broke a sweat in his three victories, and he must be salivating at the chance to start Game 1 of the World Series.

And who are the Giants--who played as recently as Monday--countering with? None other than Barry Zito. Barry Zito. Against Justin Verlander. And you're all rooting for the Tigers? That's like rooting for the 1927 Yankees against a T-ball team. I can't help it; I root for underdogs and upsets. It's in my programming. The Giants came back from a 0-2 deficit in the ALDS, and a 1-3 deficit in the ALCS. And they are throwing Barry Zito tonight.

And I kind of want them to win. At least today's game. Please don't hate me. At least Justin Verlander hitting should be entertaining.

And happy 6th year anniversary of my first date with my husband, we met on AN six years ago and went out on our first date the last time the Tigers beat the A's to end up in the World Series.

Here are your lineups:

Baseball is almost over, so it can begin again!