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A's Acquire OFer Chris Young From Arizona For Pennington, Y. Cabrera

Yes, that's OFer, and non 6'10" pitcher, Chris Young. Susan Slusser confirms that the A's have acquired Chris Young, a natural CFer, in a deal that sent SS/2Bman Cliff Pennington, and minor league prospect Yordy Cabrera, to the Diamondbacks. Arizona then turned around and dealt Cabrera to the Florida Marlins for closer Heath Bell.

Chris Young has been traded from the Bill The Cat Acks to the Oakland A's.
Chris Young has been traded from the Bill The Cat Acks to the Oakland A's.
Ezra Shaw

The move is initially confusing in that the one place the A's are not only strong, but arguably "overbooked," is in the OF, where Yoenis Cespedes and Josh Reddick shared time this season with Coco Crisp, Seth Smith, and free agent Jonny Gomes.

However, this looks to me like an excellent deal for the A's in a vacuum and sometimes you have to take a deal that is great and sort out the pieces later. Perhaps this move means Coco Crisp won't be back in 2013. Or maybe it just means Oakland has finally gotten aboard my and sc00by's "Cespedes for SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" craze. (Seriously, though, can you imagine?) Perhaps it means the A's won't bring back local hero and clubhouse leader Jonny Gomes. Or...perhaps it means something we haven't thought of, which is how Billy Beane's offseason moves usually go. Heck, certainly didn't see this one coming.

29 years old and considered a very accomplished CFer, Chris Young combines speed and power but strikes out a lot and does not walk a ton. Here are his career stats. Let the speculating begin about where this is all headed!