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Open Thread: The Other Game 5's

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Can the Nationals overcome their slow playoff start and advance to the next round to play the Giants? And can the underdog O's upset the perennial Yankees to take on the Tigers? Stay tuned to find out.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

With two more game 5's scheduled for today, baseball must go on, despite the broken (but still happy) hearts littered all over the Oakland Coliseum. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is write about baseball games of which we are not a part, but for the courtesy of the sport, and for the sheer fact that I want fans when the A's go to the World Series, I'm continuing the season.

I haven't looked it up, but it seems pretty fantastic to have all four series go to a deciding game 5. With that in mind, I kind of want every game to be played, so both the ALCS and NLCS should go to 7, and also the World Series. I think that would be interesting. As interesting as it can get anyway, for us.

My house is a constant reminder of the A's; everything I own is green and gold. I did order the American League West Champion shirt; the A's knocked off the Angels and the Rangers this year, and that's as good of a celebration we could have hoped to have from this season that started at 3 in the morning across the world.

Also, the following songs are now banned until further healing has taken place (believe me, I tested them on my drive back last night):

Call Me Maybe
The Bernie
My Heart Will Go On
Land Down Under
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
You're Still the One

Feel free to add your own.

Things that don't remind me of the A's:

Homeland (Sunday nights - a must watch)
49ers Football (also plays on Sunday)
Lost (I recommend filling the hours that we normally filled with baseball with a show)

Now that we're back to our regular scheduled lives, might I remind you that Spring Training will start in late February, and we'll put up the 2013 schedule soon to see if there are any roadtrips that look appealing for a group outing.

Until then, here are today's games:

Starting right now; Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees - Sabathia vs. McLouth

At 5:30PM; St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals - Wainwright vs. Gio

I want Gio to do well. I wanted the Orioles to win everything until I saw how classy the Tigers were last night to both the A's and the A's fans, and despite kicking us out of the playoffs twice, they haven't won it all in a very, very long time. I might not mind that. Verlander shouldn't be wasted.

Your thoughts?