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Pacing Thread: How to kill time until the game starts

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Thought I’d put up some ideas on how to keep oneself occupied until THE BIGGEST GAME AT THE COLISEUM SINCE 2006:

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Those so inclined could go on a run (though outside my office window here in LA, it's raining. Fancy that.)

Make a soufflé for breakfast. And lunch. I hear those take a long time.

Arrange your green and gold wardrobe in order of most to least lucky. Make sure to wear the first item tonight!

Go apple picking

There are 3 other games today. You could watch/listen to those.

Listen to Ray Fosse's cliff-falling scream on a loop.

Do what you're supposed to do at work.




Whatever you do, I'll be your host today here on AN. New threads throughout the day!