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Game 160 - Oakland A's vs. Texas Rangers (1)

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Amazing A's go for Clinch of Wild-Card Spot

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

This makes absolutely no sense. None. No, I am not talking about the Oakland Athletics being on the verge of a playoff spot. I predicted as much back in March. No, it was not in writing. Yes, I may have had a few beers inside me. But a prediction is a prediction, and I am sticking to it. Worked for those damn Mayans.

Oh, wait.

What doesn't make any sense is giving the old guy the game thread for the first time all season, in what could be the game that sends the A's to - at the very worst - a 163rd contest. Really, me? Half the people here don't even know me. That could be an understatement. And from a quick peek at the ol' standings, it seems the A's have gotten along just fine without me. More than fine. Like really, really fine.

And look at AN! New digs. It's like I'm coming home from college, and the baby brother has done a makeover on my bedroom. Except I never went to college, and I am the baby brother.

So what gives? What made the powers-that-be pull a Danny Glover, and hand the ball over to an aging Tony Danza with the championship on the line? I'd be complaining if I were you, AN.

Surely this can't be a sentimental pick? Oakland doesn't do sentimental. Well, maybe it's because I am one of a handful of people here who attended a playoff game in Oakland in each of the previous four decades, and might have a little insight as to what that feels like.

(It feels amazing.)

And I hope it feels amazing a few more times in these next few days and weeks, to cap a season of amazing.

I'm just here hoping not to break anything. Apparently I am having trouble with the lineups. God help us all.