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Coco Returns to Oakland; Count On the A's to be the Clippers in 2012

As you might've heard, Coco Crisp chose to return to the Oakland A's. While it seems to fly in the face of a player who was saying that he wanted to be with a contender, Coco seems to be claiming that the A's could be MLB's Clippers this year. Course that means the 2012 Clippers and not the perennially crappy Clippers for most of their history. At least that's what I think he means.

Crisp compared the A's to his favorite NBA team, the Clippers, saying, "You know the Lakers are going to be good, but that's not that exciting. The Clippers, they're young, they're exciting to watch - and they've done well."

Well the A's might be exciting to watch in 2012. Or they might not be, but I'd like to consider myself one of the more optimistic, supportive A's fans, you have to notice that his analogy does not say "winning" (TM Charlie Sheen). That's because with the A's 2012 lineup, I don't imagine that we'll see too much of that winning. Sure there's a chance that some of the young guys prove to be better than advertised and maybe even ahead of schedule, I'm just skeptical of it coming together in time to approach anything worth competitive this season. There's just too many things that can go wrong.

I do like bringing Coco in because I think Coco is a fun player to watch and he's just more dynamic than bringing in someone like Cody Ross. Course the A's could very well still bring in Ross as well which I am NOT a fan of.

Also in case you missed it, Jonah Keri takes Billy Beane to task on Grantland for the many personnel mistakes over the years. While much of it is true, I think the biggest thing neglected in the article was that the Rays were so atrocious for so long that they got many very high first round draft picks. This doesn't excuse all the misses on drafting, but it also hides a huge part of the narrative. Any way, it isn't like I'm an unbiased source on this given my relationship with Beane but I think if people want to take Beane to task, do so with all the facts on the table.