2012 Projected Standings (via Clay Davenport)

Clay Davenport released his projected standings last night, and I must warn some of you, I think it's a little too positive. Compared to the CAIRO standings from earlier this month (74 wins). Davenport projects the A's at 80 wins.

I get it, the CAIRO projections were done before the addition of Seth Smith and Jonny Gomes, but I really think an 80 win total is a little absurd, considering, the personnel for the 2011 squad, especially with the services of Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill, only lead to 74 wins. The 2010 season was the only time in the past 5 years they've put a 80+ win squad on the field (Baseball-Reference).

Here were some keys to the 80 win projection according to Davenport:

Suzuki: 2.3 WAR
Sizemore: 3.0 WAR
Smith: 3.1 WAR
Crisp: 2.5 WAR

The pitching was calculated in RAR and in a thread about this over at THE BOOK, Dave Cameron disputes the method of calculating the RAR, so we'll just take a surface look at the WAR numbers of batters. What do you think about the projection of an 80 win season?

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