DLD 1/23 - Positivity

Brandon McCarthy. As you can see below, he values standing up for his teammates, which I suppose is the default position when you get no offensive support and your catcher is Kurt Suzuki (wait, that's not positive! shut up!).

keep ur head up. U r my brother n teammate N I would put u back there all over again. We all lost this game tonight not u.

All the respect in the world for for that response to his teammate. Leadership personified. Proud to be his and a 49er fan.

The positive take on yesterday's games is that at least we won't have to watch Baltimore in the Super Bowl, I guess? And that Super Bowl XLII was really good?

Here's a positive spin on Dominican players not always being truthful about their ages.

Since it's Monday I'm bound to link to the KSK Peter King FJMification.

Heidi Klum and Seal are both single! I'm sure we all have chance to nab one of them.

Jose Canseco takes his knowledge from Moneyball (not the book):

Billy beane call me would love to dh for you just give me a tryout that's all I ask

Billy beane email me

Baseball hates bill James but the Boston red sox hired him .that's from the movie money ball .baseball hates me maybe they can hire me

And finally, I present Monty Python nail polish.

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