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(I LOVE that they sponsored the Playoff Game threads! I feel like I'm writing the SuperBowl or something!)

Even I can't put up a good counter-argument for this game losing the top billing for the opening of the playoffs. There is no competing with the Tigers/Yankees in Yankee Stadium; that game will be the prime time game tonight. So we find the Rays/Rangers sliding into the afternoon game (hey, at least the bars are open, and the freakin' game isn't at 10AM! /stillnotbitter).

This afternoon's game will feature the red-hot Rays, coming off the most magical moment in recent baseball history, against the Texas Rangers, who won the AL West with a minimum amount of drama. MLB reminds us that this game is a rematch of 2010 (Texas won in 5). The Rays certainly have their work cut out for them; C.J. Wilson is no picnic. But the Rays will counter with rookie Matt Moore, hoping that their explosive offense from their come-from-behind month of baseball shows up to the park today. The Rangers have the stacked lineup; one of the best I've ever seen, but the Rays have guts, grit and moxie. (Oh, those don't count?) Seriously, though...if you make a case for a team being "hot", that's the Rays right now. However, I would take C.J. Wilson over a rookie; it's likely Texas' lineup will still mash.

Let's play the games! PLAYOFFS!!!!!


The Tigers/Yankees thread will open before their game; I'll move everyone over at the proper time.