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Open Thread: Game 162 - Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners (cont)

So the game is tied 7-7, and we're going to the 11th. Yes, OBVIOUSLY, not the A's game. But rather, the one everyone is watching (and yes, it should be on TV for you). Tampa Bay has done the nearly impossible; rallied from 7 runs down in the bottom of the eighth to tie the Yankees and take them to extra innings. Dan Johnson is the hero so far; Damon has been the goat. Meanwhile, Boston is clinging to a one-run lead against Baltimore. Not enough drama for you? Atlanta and Philadelphia are tied in the top of the 13th. St. Louis won 8-0; if Atlanta doesn't win the game, St. Louis captures the Wild Card.

In the A's game, the A's lead 2-0 on a homerun by Jai Miller.