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Open Thread: Game 160 (Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners)

It hasn't been a great season, but there have been some positives.

Like Brandon McCarthy (9-8, 3.26 ERA, -∞.19 FIP). He's awesome. And he's starting tonight, in a bid for his tenth win. Also starting tonight is Jason Vargas (9-13, 4.38 ERA). He's not very awesome.

And neither are the Mariners, really. They'll avoid another 100-loss season (last year was 61-101), but at 66-93, they're not exactly a force of power. Neither are the A's, really, but oh well.

And so begins the last series of the worst season in a long while.

Lineup2B Weeks
CF Crisp
DH Matsui
LF Willingham
3B Sizemore
C Suzuki
1B Carter
RF Taylor
SS Rosales