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Open Thread: Game 153 - Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another night of A's baseball. I'll be your sub, baseballgirl, and I'm really glad to be here. The lights are taking effect, there's a hint of Fall in the air, and the postseason is just around the corner. Unfortunately, we will not be attending that party, but we do play a major role in deciding who does. We play both the Rangers and the Angels this week, and should the A's sweep the Rangers, the door would be cracked open, ever so slightly, for the Angels. Do we want that?

I'll be honest; yeah, totally. I'm going to the series this weekend in Anaheim, and I'd like it to still count. So I look to Rich Harden as he faces off against the admittedly awesome Derek Holland. And I look to the following lineup.

Don't those lineups match up well? Good grief. All that's missing is a ">" sign in between all of the names.