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Open Thread: Game 152 - A's vs. Tigers

We're on national teeveeeee!!!!!! I guess the rest of the nation wants to see some of that special "movie-worthy" moneyball ackshun! So let's show them some today, and then we'll just pretend it happened 20 times.

Gio Gonzalez gets the ball for Oakland against Rich Porcello, whose velocity has reportedly mushroomed lately. The red hot Tigers have won 13 of 14, but they don't make movies for that. Not that Jim Leyland isn't right out of central casting, coughing up a lung as he comes out to the mound to whip some "old school" back into his corner-nibbling pitcher.

Cherish baseball, because as painful as this season has been at times it has still been better than no baseball. This is kind of like saying that a root canal is preferable to having no teeth, but that's probably true. Something to chew on, anyway.

Welcome back, Kotter Carter! Chris returns to the big league roster along with Graham Godfrey. Do Carter, Allen, and Taylor comprise the sit-com "Two And A Half Beasts"? Or is it one slugger and a bunch of amateurs in "Porks & Recreation"?

Today's "fun fact": The A's enter play today in a 3-way tie (with Florida and Pittsburgh) for the #8 draft position.

The lineups, courtesy of Baseball Press, featuring Michael Taylor and Chris Carter presumably on each end of the bench with pom-poms: