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A's Win, Snap 12-Game Winning Streak by Tigers, Leyland's Chafing Finds Relief

"No way there's 10k people here. I'd bet my cancer-laced larynx on it. Soto voce..."
"No way there's 10k people here. I'd bet my cancer-laced larynx on it. Soto voce..."

So, apparently, the key is to not expect a win.

Maybe that's the key to life, too.

Three A's hit home runs.  At home.  At night.  And they aren't named Josh Willingham or Hideki Matsui.  

David DeJesus, who apparently has compromising pictures of Bob Melvin and is using them to leverage playing time for a new contract somewhere else next season, went yard.  Kurt Suzuki, who has all the strength of a Pine Sol wannabe purchased at the dollar store for the last year and a half, went yard.  And Cliff Pennington, who is morphing into Bobby Crosby more and more every day, went yard.


And Brandon McCarthy pitched a peach of a game.  He gave the A's seven strong innings of five hit, one run game.  He and Mrs. McCarthy are very happy with his performance tonight.  Hopefully, she played a drinking game involving the number of times he struck someone out (eight) and not walked them (two).

What else? 

Um, apparently, it was...57 degrees in Oakland at the game.  And there were 10,925 "people" at the game, wind was blowing let's say...eastward at 15 MPH.  There were some guys on the BART bridge selling tickets and some on the BART bridge buying tickets and some people selling churros.  And Ray talked about Dibs and HD and there was a lot of rejoicing.

Also, according to Four-Letter, Jim Leyland may provide some relief to his team now:

Tigers manager Jim Leyland will get a new change of underwear when his team goes for their first outright title since 1987 on Friday night. He said before the game that he had not changed (nor washed) his underwear during the 12-game winning streak.

Look, I love Leyland.  I think he is a positive force for baseball, but that's effing gross.  C'mon.

Apparently, some other stuff happened and the A's messed around and ended up winning this game.  They had no business winning it, by all accounts (see game thread opener for more details), but did anyhow, mainly to be obstinate.  The usual combination of Jemile flying around like a one-man wrecking crew and Pig going deep was not the case tonight, though Coco did provide his usual offensive fair, going three for five.  Woo.  Pig went o-fer and Jemile (who desperately needs a nickname) got the night off.

Um, the game last two hours, thirty-six minutes, and the umpires were as follows: Home Plate - Andy Fletcher, First Base - Eric Cooper, Second Base - Jim Reynolds, Third Base - Mark Ripperger.  

It was cloudy at the Coliseum.

Crazy Legs was there, hawking kettle corn.  There were not many concession stands open, and the only size soda they have available in the Value Deck concessions is one that costs $4.75 and not the souvenir $5.75 size, because they want to squeeze that extra $1 out of you, the consumer.

The A's won.  The Tigers lost.  Jim Leyland was sad.  Conversely, Bob Melvin was relatively happy.  He answered questions from the reporters (mainly Susan and about 20 Japanese guys), showered, got in his Buick LeSabre, drove to his temporary home in let's say Danville, had a light late supper and phoned his wife who's still in New York.  He happy chicken stir fried in curry sauce that his wife bought for him at Trader Joe's the last time she was out.  While on the phone, his wife made him talk to their Yorkshire Terrier, Skippy.

A's try to entice Trevor to win for us tomorrow with promises of fireworks and Star Wars music!  MikeV, do you know who's pitching for the Tigers tomorrow?  That's right, kids.  Doug. Fister.