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Rangers Cancel Fruit Basket; A's Drop Lifeless Game To Angels

Well, so much for the spoiler role. The A's managed to score one run total (on a solo homerun, no less) after putting runners all over the bases early against Jered Weaver. Just a hunch, but the lack of follow-though (and the possible lack of any good hitters--with the exception of Josh Willingham) might be a reason that the A's are 67-82 as we wrap up a disappointing 2011 season. With their 82nd loss, the A's have ended any hope of a .500 season, and are likely just going through the motions for the next two weeks.

Contrast this with the Angels' play. Trailing Texas by 2.5 games (pending tonight's outcome), the Angels are in a very real pennant race, and they furthered their cause with the game and series win this afternoon. It's always amazing to me when I watch baseball outside the A's, to discover how good baseball teams really can be. The Phillies are in a world of their own right now; they have clinched a playoff berth today with their 95th win. Yes, that's nearly thirty more wins than the A's have, and when you watch their games, it's almost like watching an entirely different sport.

The pennant races may be thin this September, but I think the playoffs themselves are going to be absolutely spectacular.

Oh, does anyone care about the actual game? Let me sum up. Kurt Suzuki batted second. He was out in a sacrifice bunt attempt in the first. The A's later loaded the bases and didn't score. The A's had two hits in the second and didn't score. Suzuki popped up to end the inning. Willingham hit a homerun in the third to give the A's a 1-0 lead. The A's would put two more runners on and wouldn't score. Kurt Suzuki (sense a theme?) popped up in the fourth to end the inning. Harden pitched five scoreless innings and gave up three runs in the sixth. The Angels would score another run on an error in the eighth inning to give them the final score of 4-1.

We open a 4-game series with Detroit tomorrow, and on Friday, we'll try to pretend we're excited about the 2012 season by choosing our AN road trips! I look forward to seeing everyone next weekend in Anaheim; email me if you would like a ticket to Saturday night's game; A's/Angels, I still have a few left!

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Max Scherzer vs Brandon McCarthy

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