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Trick O'Gnosis: Hammer Time & Gio's Solid Start Doom Halos, 6-3


OK, then... go ahead and hurt 'em.  Fine with me.

Let's try something new: a recap that's just my in-game notes, unedited and unvarnished.

1st: Weeks & Matsui walked, Willingham HR'd off top of LCF wall -- 25 HRs, 87 RBI -- 3-0 A's.  If Pineiro pitched vs. A's every game, they'd go 162-0 and a Brad Pitt sequel would ensue.


2nd: Hunter single down RF line (good play DDJ); Wells triple (bad play DDJ) -- 1st run vs. Gio by LAA in last 22 IP -- 3-1 A's.

4th: 2nd & 3rd, no outs, LAA don't score. Gio under .200 with RISP in 2011.

4th: Sweeney single, Suzuki double over Trout's glove off the wall in LF.  Pineiro out, Chatwood in. Allen Ks again -- throw him another 52,000,000 off-speed pitches until he actually hits one.  Sizemore 1st pitch single -- .385 on the 1st pitch this year. 4-1 A's.  Pennington single the other way, Sizemore in. 57 RBIs for Cliff. 5-1 A's.


7th: Aybar HR hits clam-handed guy in BBQ Terrace, 5-2 A's.  Gio out after 2 more singles and 119 pitches, matching career high.  Fuentes Ks last out w/ 72-MPH changeup of obscenity and filth.  Janikowski ties NFL record w/63-yard FG vs. Denver to end 1st half; Raiders dominating, Broncos still suck.

7th: Penny single, steal second, third on 'Zilla groundout, home on Hammer single for 88th RBI --  so 1 HR (26) and 1 RBI (89) from tying his best ever. If Beane doesn't resign him, BB should just move to Int'l Blvd. in East Oakland to be closer to crack habit.  Chatwood done. 6-2 A's.


8th: Fuentes baffles, 1-2-3; Patrick Swayze changeups continue Dirty Dancing.

9th: Balfour closes; Bailey precautionarily sits after taking Zuk drive to noggin in BP.  He's from Jersey, he'll live. Wells leads off, blasts off on 0-2 pitch.  6-3 A's.  Balfour gets Trout, fishing.  AN executes Emperor post-recap for facile punning.  Aybar window shops, decides he'll wait to purchase and goes back to bench.  Balfour strikes out Callaspo and the side.  The Gang fires up and Kools out.  A's 6-1 vs. Halos at Coli in 2011; if TX wins West, we're why it isn't the Slegless.

Give this Pig a pen... and a contract.

OK, this was lotsa fun so let's do it all again tomorrow night and really f*ck up the LAAAAAAA season!

Current Series

Athletics lead the series 1-0

Mon 09/12 WP: Gio Gonzalez (13 - 12)
LP: Joel Pineiro (6 - 7)
6 - 3 win

Los Angeles Angels
@ Oakland Athletics

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2011, 7:05 PM PDT Coliseum

Jerome Williams vs Guillermo Moscoso

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around .

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Wed 09/14 12:35 PM PDT