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9/11 Anniversary and Baseball: A Fitting Match

(Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the attacks on our country. Today the A's will be taking on the Rangers and it is a wonderful thing that we enjoy the freedom to watch or go to the game. In the time after that horrible day, baseball was put on hold and when the games began again they seemed relatively trivial compared to the enormity of what had happened. But that year the World Series went to seven games and it was OK not to cheer for the Yankees and that freedom too demonstrative of our healing was a wonderful thing.

To me baseball is such an important part of our country and was an important part of our nation's ability to move past that day. The Mets and Yankees both came home to roaring crowds and across America teams wore flags upon their caps and fans brought flags to the games. 9/11 put lots of things in perspective for us as Americans, so today I don't want to say much but I want to say this: wherever we are, whatever we think, in our community we are all A's fans, so today at least, let's share our similarities and forget our differences. Let's cheer for our team because we have the freedom to do so and be tolerant of others' because they have the right to cheer for their team as well.

While everything in our world may have changed on 9/11, it still takes three strikes to strike someone out; four balls still equal a walk; every team still gets 27 outs. It is nice to have some things still stay the same. Let's celebrate our freedom and celebrate our game. Go A's!