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Game 137 - A's @ Tribe - Having a Pig for Coffee - Open Thread

I'm just gonna hazard a guess and say that there may be a lot of first-pitch swinging this morning.

Hello and welcome to this morning. If it seems like we were just here, it's because we were. Twelve hours before the start of the fourth game of this four game series, the third game ended. It was a five hour, sixteen inning affair. It's lucky that the A's had practice with all those looooong games in New York and Boston at the beginning of this trip.

The beginning of this trip. Remember that? When the A's took the first games against the Yankees? Then they beat the holy snot out of Oakland, as the boys limped on to Boston, struggling to take one of three from the Sawx. And now the A's are about to get swept in a four game series versus the Indians.


On a brighter note, this disappointing season is almost over. Then we can get to another fun off-season of meta and sniping at each other and no baseball!

Wait. That sucks. Hey, you know, Chickie's right: bad baseball trumps no baseball. In the immortal words of Ed, "Yay, baseball!" He has such a way with words.

The thing standing between the four-game sweep and our beloved A's is Gio Gonzalez. He is capable of bringing it. He's capable of shutting down this fairly average Indians team (Mr. Thome aside). He's capable of bringing the ojos locos! He's capable of being Good Gio.

Of course, he's also completely capable of making these Cleveland Indians look like the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers, too. (by the way, if you're too young to remember the Brewers when they were part of the AL East, read Josh Wilker on the subject)

Cleveland calls our Gio and raises us a Fausto Carmona, who's a disappointing 6-12 on the season. Hopefully the boys can end this road trip on a high note.

So, who knows? I think everyone--players, fans and umpires--will be anxious to get this one in the books.

First pitch is scheduled for 9:05 am, PST. Get the coffee going, cause we're playing early today!

Oh, as an aside and completely off-topic, I have been a part of the same fantasy football league for 21 years. We're looking for either one or three more people--draft this Sunday. If you're interested in playing fantasy football with an amazing group of people that not only includes Bloom, but Bloom's brother as well, email me at the email in my profile.

Lineups will be posted when I wake up, so...probably about five hours after we finish the game.

Coffee and pig. Let's go.

Current Series

Indians win the series 3-0

Mon 08/29 WP: David Huff (2 - 2)
SV: Chris Perez
LP: Brandon McCarthy (7 - 7)
1 - 2 loss
Tue 08/30 WP: Jeanmar Gomez (1 - 2)
LP: Trevor Cahill (9 - 13)
2 - 6 loss
Wed 08/31 WP: Frank Herrmann (4 - 0)
LP: Josh Outman (3 - 4)
3 - 4 loss

Oakland Athletics
@ Cleveland Indians

Thursday, Sep 1, 2011, 9:05 AM PDT
Progressive Field

Gio Gonzalez vs Fausto Carmona

Partly cloudy,rain. Winds blowing out to center field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 80.

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