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Open Thread: Game 115 (Oakland Athletics at Toronto Blue Jays)

After yet another off day (seriously?!), the A's are in Toronto, facing the Blue Jays in a three-game set. Rich Harden (2-2, 4.63 ERA) is having a pretty nice year, even though his surface stats are rather rough. It's a little iffy to just wave away home runs, but it seems that Rich Harden has allowed more than his fair share of them, and his K and BB rates are, amazingly, back to where they were in Oakland earlier in the decade. Is he finally, finally healthy?

Harden faces Brett Cecil (4-4, 4.35 ERA), who is exactly the kind of pitcher the A's offense should be able to hit around a little. Let's hope that rejuvenated A's offense comes back.

First pitch is at 4:07 PDT.

Lineup (via Susan Slusser)

2B Weeks
SS Pennington
DH Matsui
LF Willingham
1B Jackson
RF DeJesus
C Suzuki
CF Sweeney
3B Sizemore