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Missed Call At The Plate Ends 16th Inning Affair With A's Loss

It was one of those days.
It was one of those days.

This is the kind of game where if the A's were in a pennant race, I'd be absolutely sick about the ending. I would be raging about the call. There is no doubt about it; Kurt Suzuki caught the throw from David DeJesus, tagged the runner out, and somehow the Indians were awarded the game. Maybe the home-plate umpire was tired of watching 16th innings. But if AN could hang in there game thread after game thread through this game, then I think we deserved better. The umpire even pointed at Suzuki, as if to check to see if he had the ball (he did), and then awarded the safe call. It was wrong, and frustrating, and a horrible way to end what was a more exciting game than usual, but as they say, oh well.

How did the A's get to the 16th inning, you might ask? The Indians grabbed the 1-0 lead in the first inning. The A's tied the game in the top of the second on a bases loaded walk by Sizemore. Jack Hannahan (A's nemesis) drove in his first run with a homerun to untie the game in the Indians' half of the second, and Brandon Allen tied the game with a single in the third. Kurt Suzuki untied the game with a solo homerun in the fourth, and the seesaw came to an abrupt halt.

The Indians would tie the game on another homerun by Hannahan in the sixth, and it would stay tied until the sixteenth. Sure, things happened. Harden left the game after the sixth, having allowed all three runs. He was followed by a parade: Breslow, Balfour, De Los Santos, Blevins, Wagner, and Bailey. Lots of outs were recorded. Balls were caught. People left the bases loaded (mostly A's), no one could hit with runners in scoring position (both teams). Leadoff doubles were turned away. Enter Josh Outman (sans stirrups). He got out of one inning, but couldn't get out of his second. Single, single, single, bad call, and game over.

Add your own favorite highlight below. I'm exhausted. :-)

Oh, and the A's postgame show tells me that Conor Jackson was traded to the Red Sox.