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A's Behave Badly, Umps Make A's Play On as Punishment

Who the hell frames these photos?!  And they wonder why we hate them...
Who the hell frames these photos?! And they wonder why we hate them...

...and then they all boarded an effing ark.

Graham Godfrey got gaffled greatly giving ghastly gas gladly.

Um.  So Papi went deep on Godfrey with Dustin Pedroia on base.  Pedroia was reportedly looking for some semblance of hair follicles on second at the time.

That was the first inning.  It went downhill from there.

Erik Bedard loaded the bases in the first and let two on in the second.  The A's left five on base the first two innings.  There was no offense.  The A's wanted to leave.  The Red Sox wanted to leave.  The umpires wanted to leave.  The fans, both there and here wanted to leave.

And, after this second game became official, it should have been.  The umpires are lucky that no one got hurt.  Why they insisted on continuing play is beyond most human understanding.  But play on, they did. We got all the way to Jonathan Papelbon and all his splendor.

What a lovely way to end a lovely day of baseball.  

According to Berry Jo: "baseball rain rain baseball rain rain rain rain baseball rain rain. the end"--that about covers it.


  • Anthony Recker got his first official hit as a major leaguer!
  • Josh Outman made the case that he, not Godfrey should have started this game.  He seems to pitch angry. Seven strikeouts, no walks in four innings.  The one run he gave up was unearned.
  • Brandon Allen, aside from the missed foul out, continues to look good at first base.  Except or the other ball he dropped.  That led to the Red Sox fourth run.
  • The games went quickly.  It was only an eleven hour experience.
  • Witch made what sounded like yummy sauce for her fried zucchini.  Lonestranger and Meesus Moustache and Hunter had grilled zucchini and tri-tip.  
  • We have 73 unearned runs, the most in the majors.  We're number one!
  • None of our players were killed or maimed in playing in those conditions.


Off-day tomorrow.  No baseball for you!  In Cleveland on Monday with Brandon McCarthy.  My deck is old and worn out and in need of a make-over.

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Red Sox lead the series 2-1

Fri 08/26 WP: Gio Gonzalez (11 - 11)
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