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Open Thread: Game 132 - A's & Red Sox Trying To Beat Irene

It's such a beautiful day for baseball: Let's play two. Or one. Or none. Depending on when Irene shows up. If she's anything like my Aunt Bertha, she'll show up at the worst possible time. Irene, however, actually appears to be a lot more like Jordan Norberto: Might get up to 95 MPH, but will ruin everything and make everyone want to get as far away as possible.

Weather permitting, game one "tips off" at 9:05am PDT with Gee-JAIR-mo Moscoso squaring off against Jon Lester, who has faced much worse than a hurricane. The lymphoma survivor also happens to be one of the league's best pitchers, so the A's have their hands full.

Poor Anthony Recker. His career CERA is 24.75 (or were some of those grand slams ruled "errors" on God?). If there's a game two, he's scheduled to get another shot to catch a familiar face: Graham Godfrey, who will be activated to start the double-header's second game at 2:00pm PDT. If there is a second game. If we play the first one. If we do, here are the lineups according to Baseball Press and whomever they may have culled them from. For some reason, one of Ryan Sweeney's rare starts comes against a LHP: