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Open Thread: Game 129 (Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees)

Trevor practices his audition for Hogwarts.
Trevor practices his audition for Hogwarts.

So, Evil Emperor Zurg, we meet again. The part of Buzz Lightyear will be played by Trevor Cahill tonight, as the severely underdog Athletics take on the Yankees for a second straight day. In a somewhat new twist on the old story, the A's won the opener, and will try to win the series behind Cahill tonight. Cahill has struggled badly in his last handful of starts, so he looks to turn it around tonight. In Yankee Stadium. Against the Yankees' lineup. Hey, I never said it would be easy!

Standing in the way is CC Sabathia, who is looking for his eighteenth win on the season. Let's make sure that he stays at 17, mmmkay?

The A's offense, and one BRANDON ALLEN, will look like this: