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Open Thread: Game 128 (Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees)

It's that time of year again. The Yankees.

(Click this before reading any further.)

It's the A's second trip to the Bronx this year. Last time, the A's dropped two of three, getting outscored 16-27 in the process. Hopefully the runs will be a little less prevalent, because try as they might, the A's just can't win a slugfest with the Evil Empire.

Tonight, the A's have Brandon McCarthy (6-6, 3.74) on the mound facing Bartolo Colon (8-7, 3.54 ERA). McCarthy is easily having the best season of his life, and with a good start tonight, he'll most likely equal his entire pre-A's five-year career in total fWAR in this one 2011 season. And, of course, everyone knows Colon's story, where he had a revolutionary stem cell treatment, which rejuvenated his previously-destroyed pitching elbow. He's having quite a fine year himself, with a 3.72 FIP.

Alex Rodriguez has been replaced in tonight's lineup with Eric Chavez. In other unrelated news, I'll have to finally acknowledge that Eric Chavez isn't retired at home, waiting to be the next A's 3B coach. Sigh. Damn dirty pinstripes.


2B Weeks
CF Crisp
DH Matsui
LF Willingham
1B Allen
RF DeJesus
SS Pennington
C Suzuki
3B Sogard