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Return of the Flappy Heads - Blue Jays in Oakland - Game 124 Open Thread

Only a stupid person tries to pretend he knows something he doesn't. If that's the case, I've been an idiot most of my life. Reality is, I'm generally speaking scared of looking stupid, which I think is a common malady. I don't want you to know how ignorant I am of most things, so I put on airs about what and how much I know.

I've read some important books, and I've even understood some of them. Reality is though, I strongly believe in a John Dewey method of learning. For those of you who don't know and are afraid to ask, like me, it's basically this:

Dewey continually argues that education and learning are social and interactive processes, and thus the school itself is a social institution through which social reform can and should take place. In addition, he believed that students thrive in an environment where they are allowed to experience and interact with the curriculum, and all students should have the opportunity to take part in their own learning.

...or at least that's what Wikipedia says.

In the grand sense, we are all always students and we are all always teachers. Mainly what I'm driving at is that I strongly believe that the best way I've discovered to learn is through interaction with others.

That said, baseball is a funny game. How we play and learn with other is telling. Last year's club seemingly had significantly less talent, but at this point in the season, they were still contending. It makes only sense that you add strength to the components you had in place last season, and the team is better. That obviously did not happen. Somehow, somewhere, the mix got screwed up. The injuries certainly have not helped, and, truth be told, may be the sole reason the A's are not contending this year. Also, the other teams are not in a vacuum--Texas has improved and, as a result of the season-long troubles of the A's and Seattle, and the recent collapse of the Angels, the Rangers are running away with it.

There are always lessons to learn, though. And the White Rabbit attempts to continue his learning process tonight. Trevor is only 2-6 in his last ten games, but in seven of those outings, he's pitched at least six innings and not given up more than three runs. Trevor Cahill stands as our ace, or at very least, one of them. Pitching through adversity on a personal level is one set of lessons. Pitching through adversity on the meta-level is quite another. And Trevor has continually shown that he willing to do his part.

The Toronto Blue Jays come to town for a four game series, which I am threatening to see each and every one. Ricky Romero is pitching tonight for the Flappy Heads, and I should probably not not tease him too much aboot that. He's...kind of a stud. And he aims to make us feel pain.

We counter with a couple of young studs, a Compliant Pig and an almost washed-up Japanese porn addict. Oh, and a baby-faced kid who likes Star Wars and Legos. And Star Wars Legos. I like our chances.

Gigs is gonna run the thread for me tonight, including posting the lineups, hopefully. If not, one of y'all help her out. Be nice to her. Don't treat her like we used to treat those poor substitute teachers in middle school. AND she's doing the recap. I'm with the boys at the game and who knows when I'll be home. And no tell what Ralph's liable to teach me.

Game starts at 7:05pm!

Lineups, added by gigs (copied & pasted from Yahoo, so hopefully it works)...

Y. Escobar ss
E. Thames lf
J. Bautista rf
A. Lind 1b
E. Encarnacion dh
C. Rasmus cf
B. Lawrie 3b
A. Hill 2b
J.P. Arencibia c
J. Weeks 2b
C. Pennington ss
C. Crisp cf
J. Willingham dh
B. Allen 1b
C. Jackson lf
K. Suzuki c
D. DeJesus rf
S. Sizemore 3b

Current Series

4 game series vs Blue Jays @ Coliseum

Toronto Blue Jays
@ Oakland Athletics

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011, 7:05 PM PDT Coliseum

Ricky Romero vs Trevor Cahill

Clear. Winds blowing out to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around .

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