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Open Thread: Game 122 (Baltimore Orioles at Oakland Athletics)

Dear Oakland Athletics,

Something tells me that trying to halt a four-game losing streak by using your worst starting pitcher is a bad, bad idea. Can we not do this in the future? That'd be awesome.

Oh, Guillermo Moscoso. You've allowed a bit more than one homer per nine innings, and yet, based on your flyball rate, you should be allowing more like 1.5. I'm worried about you. Seeing you makes me feel antsy. Can we save the inevitable regression for later? Thanks much.

And you, infield. Stop with the errors. I can somewhat understand Scott Sizemore, since he's still learning the position, but you, Cliff Pennington? You should know better. Jemile, your glove flippy thing is pretty sweet, and I'm almost willing to look past it. Almost. Just don't miss with it.

And last but not least, Bob Melvin? I know that Conor Jackson is holding you hostage with the fungal spores in his lungs. I don't care. That's no excuse for sitting Brandon Allen in favor of Jackson. So thanks for playing Allen today. Also, "neck stiffness". I know what's up.