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Open Thread 2: Oak 2 Bal 1 (T3)


Weeks -- who slides like he's trying to tackle himself in rugby -- was thrown out trying to steal 2nd by a cannon-launch of a throw by Matt Wieters in the bottom of the 1st that was so on the bag it seemed like a CGI touch-up on TV.  Wieters promptly came up in the 2nd and pulverized a mammoth HR off the facing above the CF green screen in a classic case of the early Bird getting the worm. 

The SDI eluded the O's immediately in the lower frame when the Hammer came around on a DDJ double for a tie game.  Penny's single -- which followed a Brandon Allen opposite field hit in which BA's shattered bat reassembled itself automatically in Fruitvale into a new wood house for a homeless Oakland family -- means an early A's lead as we gird for the third.