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Recap: A's Bad, Game Painful, AN Drinks Heavily

Well, Rich Harden wasn't the answer.  The Rangers scored six runs on a wild pitch, two bases-loaded walks, a sacrifice fly and a two-run DeJesus error.  

It's like they are searching for new and interesting ways to lose.

How many of these recaps can we say the same thing? This A's team is really bad.  That Rangers team, as loaded with horrible human beings as they are, is really good.  They just kicked the A's collective asses for another three-game series. That was my thought process through the first five and a half innings, as the Rangers looked firmly in control.

But then a funny thing happened.

This team we follow may not be good or talented or overachieving.  Hell, they're not even all that bright.  But they're also not smart enough to know that they're beat.

The A's, especially the young A's, did not quit on this game and battled back to tie the game.

It was 6-6 going into the ninth.  Then the combination of Bailey and Noodle Arm decided that pinch runner Craig Gentry could just go ahead and take second.  A David Murphy single later, the Rangers had beaten the A's eight straight games, and sweep the A's at home.

It was a painful way to lose, in a season filled with painful losses.

With that in mind, instead of a recap, I offer you instead a clip from Wee Willie Winkie, the 1937 John Ford film, starring Shirley Temple, Victor McLaglen and a young Cesar Romero.  Instead of minimizing the atrocities of African American subjection, Temple here exploits the abuses of Colonization and makes light of all that is wrong in the world today.  According to the Youtube link: Priscilla (Shirley Temple) and her pal MacDuff (Victor McLaglen) talk about "the lad that ran through an old Scotch rhyme."

Shirley Temple - "Wee Willie Winkie" (via FilmPoems)

Ah, the joy!

[deep sigh]

There was no baseball game played today.  Go away now.


  • Brandon Allen got his first hits and his first RBI as a member of the A's.  Here's hoping for many, many more.
  • Jemile Weeks continues to hit really well, despite being the evil, anti-Unicorn in the field. 
  • The Rangers leave town now.
  • There is not another A's game scheduled for today.
  • The A's haven't yet decided to come into the stands and track down fans at home and beat them about the head and neck with claw hammers.  Yet.
  • It was a nice teAse.  You tricked me again, A's.  Kudos to you. 
The A's continue their homestand tomorrow night with the Orioles coming to town. Game starts at 7:05.  If you can't make it to Oakland, we'll see you here!