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Open Game Thread: Game 118 (Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics)

Happy Friday and welcome to the Game Thread! I'm at the beach, relaxing, not too far away from where the A's will take the field tonight against the Texas Rangers and C.J. Wilson. I can tell you all the reasons that the A's should want to win the game tonight, but obviously Wilson's comments (which I don't think need any more attention) should create some additional fire for the game. I'd want to beat him.

Facing off against Wilson is Brandon McCarthy, who probably hopes that A's fans show up in loud droves to the Coliseum tonight. I'm guessing that Wilson will be booed, and I feel that I'm okay with that. The A's took 2 out of 3 from Toronto, and will try to keep the second half rolling against the Rangers this weekend.


Weeks, 2B
Sizemore, 3B
Matsui, LF
Willingham, DH
Jackson, 1B
DeJesus, RF
Suzuki, C
Sweeney, CF
Pennington, SS,