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A's Beat Flappy Heads - Who You Gonna Call? Moose Costco!

"You tell that SOB Bloom to stop calling me a Flappy Head!  I'm no Flappy Head or a Maple Leaf or a Cannuck or Back Bacon. And I sure as hell ain't no close, personal friend of CJ Wilson!  I will kill you."
"You tell that SOB Bloom to stop calling me a Flappy Head! I'm no Flappy Head or a Maple Leaf or a Cannuck or Back Bacon. And I sure as hell ain't no close, personal friend of CJ Wilson! I will kill you."

Scoring runs in bunches, the A's ended their road trip by closing out the Blue Jays, 10-3.  The A's used an efficient performance by Guillermo Moscosco and a string of hot hitting to win their second straight series and salvage a road trip that started out with a sweep at the hands of Seattle.

I ain't 'fraid of no Moose. I'm a little afraid of Vince's catchphrase, "He's gone a-looking," but I am not afraid of the Moose.  Most of us have lived through Esteban Loiaza--how tough could a Moose be?




Top of the third, Rosales took a walk with Scott Sizemore doubling right behind him, with Pennington doubling right behind him, driving in two. Pennington had an opportunity and did not fail. Hideki Matsui broke out of hitting slump and drove Pennington in from second. Then they hit our pig, putting Willingham on first with Matsui on second. Conor Jackson tripled to deep left. Pig tried to pass Matsui headed home, but Hideki managed to not get lapped. A's up, 5-0. Ken posited that since Mills is a "soft tosser" (as Oldham laughs), the second time through the lineup was doom for him. A wild pitch scored the A's sixth run of the inning.

After the Moose's ERA was ruined by a flub by Pennington and an infield single, the A's still controlled the game, 6-2. By the time the sixth inning rolled around, the error, walk, single, walk, sac fly, walk, single with an error added to the lead, 10-2.

Moose Costco gave the A's six solid innings to win the series versus the flappy heads. FDLS came in and gave up a solo home run in the seventh, but otherwise pitched effectively, as did Brian Fuentes and Craig Breslow.

CJ Wilson comes to town tomorrow night as the A's return home. Show up if you can and tell Mr. Wilson how you feel about him and his opinions. Maybe he should only share those feelings with his CJ's Crew fan club, which only costs $44.95 to join. Texas at Oakland at 7:05pm tomorrow night.  Be there if you can.  If not, join us here!



  • First out for the Blue Jays, Cliff Pennington made an incredible play. Or so Ken Korach said. I suppose he could have been lying.
  • Ryan Sweeney also made an impressive catch to end Colby Rasmus's bid for extra bases in the second.
  • Step up to the plate and SWING AWAY at Cache Creek!
  • The innings that the A's scored, they scored in bunches. Also, they seemed to see starter Brad Mills especially well.
  • Matsui went 4 for 6 today and was smack dab in the middle of both rallys for the A's.
  • Tom Tolbert cares little for statistics.  He just loves Hondas.
  • David DeJesus almost certainly made Four Letter's Top Ten Plays with a catch in the seventh.  That's two days in a row for him.
  • They took two series after getting swept by the Mariners to start the road trip. They came back 4-5 from the road, but after starting 0-3, 4-5 ain't bad! And the Rays and Blue Jays are both pretty good teams.
  • Apparently, Carl's Jr. now has a turkey burger with pineapple. I'm not sure that's the fast food experience I'm looking for, but kudos to them for trying.
  • Moose went six full, giving up two runs that quite frankly should not have scored. Only one was earned because you can't assume the double play, but it was a double play that Pennington boofed in the bottom of the fourth. He pitched a very good game, and deserves, according to OakA'sHoney, Moose Munch from Harry & David, as Tutu Late suggests Moose Tracks. Regardless, he deserves a treat-a delicious Moose treat!
  • Brian Fuentes (who is with his hound dog mix, Suri, this month on my Avoderm calender) pitched a perfect eighth, striking out two.
  • I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.

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