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Open Thread: Game 116 (Oakland Athletics at Toronto Blue Jays)

The A's try to make it four in a row this afternoon as they send Gio Gonzalez up against Henderson Alvarez. Even if you are over this season, tonight's game is worth checking out from purely a baseball standpoint; it features a flame throwing rookie right-handed pitcher who is making this start fresh up from Double-A. The rumor is that Alvarez throws in the triple-digits, so that should be good fun against the A's lineup. From my point of view, I find very few things about baseball more breathtaking than a flame thrower. Watching a pitcher like Ardolis Chapman in person is amazing to me; every single pitch is exciting. And how can you not root for a kid from Double-A?

Oh wait...this is the A's blog. So, anyway, the A's lineup will try to connect with a screaming fastball, or try to rattle the nerves of the pitcher and draw some walks. Really, they'd like to win another road game, and I'd like to see Gio Gonzalez pitch like Rich Harden. I bet you didn't think I'd ever type that.

Lineups from BaseballPress: