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Is There Another Program On This Station?

Here's the good news. The A's scored 5 runs tonight. Here's the bad news. They had multiple chances to score many more runs, but failed. And the worse news? Texas scored 8, thanks to Kouzmanoff disguised as Adam Rosales at short, who singlehandedly cost the A's the game. Well, Gio helped a bit, but C'MON! How many times do we have to watch sloppy games like this!? How many games are left in the season?!

If you must know, the first inning was as disastrous as the game that was rained out for Gio. Remember that start? Replay it without rain. After retiring the first batter of the game, Gio gave up back-to-back singles. Then there was a ball hit to short, looking ever-so-enticingly double-play-ish. Rosales made an error (and it wouldn't be his only one) to allow the first run to score. The next hit sums up the A's futile season; it rolled right down the line, softly tapping the bag at third to load the bases. Of course, Texas hit a grand-slam on the next pitch (Napoli of all people; that one was on Gio). And just like that, it was 5-0. Strangely enough, the game was far from over; well, unless you have the A's offense with generally crappy hitters, who not only can't hit, but seem to try to make the worse possible outs on purpose. Knowing this, the game was over.

Sizemore homered in the second to put the A's on the board, but Kinsler and Beltre homered in their half of the second to put more runs on the board for Texas. Things were quiet until the fourth, when a Crisp walk, a Willingham single, and a Sizemore walk loaded the bases for the A's. Hey, thanks for trying. A double-play by Jackson brought home one run, but it killed the rally. I mean, I can't make this stuff up!

Ziegler replaced Gio in the fifth inning and threw two; allowing one run. His ERA is still under two. You may have noticed that I'm reduced to looking for tiny victories this season. More fun in the top of the sixth! The A's had a promising start with a bunt single by DeJesus, a stolen base, a passed ball, an RBI single by Coco, and an RBI double by Willingham, but just as soon as you started to feel a slight stirring of hope, Sizemore, Jackson and Sweeney struck out, back-to-back-to-back. Nice work.

The A's would put one last teAse on in the ninth, as Jackson walked, Sweeney singled, and Kurt Suzuki (who I think looks awful; your mileage may vary) couldn't hit his way out of a paper bag on the 3-1 count (he popped up foul), refused to walk; instead sending ball four into a rally-killing double-play.

And that was the game.

baseballgirl out