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Open Thread: Game 107 - All The Same A's vs. Minnesota

Breaking News: A's trade Rich Harden to Red Sox for 1B Lars Anderson and the ever famous PTBNL - Zonis

Jayson Stark
are getting Lars Anderson & player to be named later from for Rich Harden.

No trades involving the A's as of when I typed the period at the end of this sentence. The latest rumors linked Josh Willingham and Rich Harden to the Red Sox but possibly not, Coco Crisp to the Braves, Willingham to the Pirates but not really, and nobody for nothing.

Meanwhile, in his last 4 appearances Michael Wuertz' numbers (4 IP, 9 hits, 8 ER, 2 HR, 5 BB) have really stuck out like a sore thumb, so much so that the A's have placed Wuertz on the 15-day DL with...a sore thumb. Enter Jerry Blevins, aka the "Center Field Foul Pole".

Gui-JAIR-mo Moscoso, coming off two subpar starts, tries to right the ship knowing that the bullpen behind him is both tired and, lately, quite ineffective. The A's defense also continues to be more porous than...something with so many holes in it that we want to cry, "Poor us!" Hopefully, Moscoso can just strike out all 27 batters and be done with it.

Opposing Moscoso is Nick Blackburn, who likes the "Four and twenty blackburn" nursery rhyme so much that last time out, he started a game in which the Twins gave up 20 runs. He also started the game Oakland came back to win 14-13 in 2009, but when he's not giving up runs by the dozens he's actually quite decent.

Tonight's starting lineups, courtesy of Baseball Press: