AN Day 2011: More details, and still time to sign up!

I'm reposting this to remind you all to sign up -- I'm finalizing the ticket order on August 4th (a week from today), so if you would like to sit with the group, make sure you sign up at the link below! I'll post something next week about the tailgate itself.....


I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

As noted in a previous thread, AN Day 2011 will be held on Saturday August 20th, a 6:05 start against the Toronto Blue Jays, with post-game fireworks. We currently have an amazing 34 users signed up, for a total of 48 people. Yay!! And there's still time to sign up!!!!

For those of you who wish to sit with the group, you can add your name to the fabulous RSVP list up to August 4th. I'm currently holding 50 seats for the group, and if needed, we can add more.

Based on the attendance at last night's fireworks game, I would *strongly* recommend you either sign up to sit with the group, or get your game tickets soon, because it will be sold out.

The pregame tailgate will be in our usual spot in the A lot, at the end of row 12 or 14, and more details will be posted in August. In the meantime, please Rec this thread so it stays up top for a while, and if you haven't signed up yet, then sign up!!

For those who pay for the tickets by August 1st, your tickets will be mailed to you (if you indicated you wanted them sent) around August 8th. For those that want to pay the day of, please indicate such in the RSVP link so I can keep track.

Oh, and the original RSVP form didn't have a spot for you to indicate your email address. The revised one does. So, if you have questions, post them here for all to see, or post them on the RSVP form and I'll email you back.