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Open Thread: Game 85 - A's vs. Diamondbacks

"Please don't eat me."
"Please don't eat me."

All-Star Gio Gonzalez takes his 2.38 ERA, 4th in the American League to the mound today against...All-Star Ian Kennedy. Is Kennedy deserving? Clearly yes because he has a lot of wins and a really good winning percentage!!! Kennedy is having a very solid season, 8-2 with a 3.01 ERA in 116.2 IP of 97 hit, 97 K, 30 BB ball.

On a personal level, let me say how pleased I am that the A's have now sent three pitchers to the All-Star game the last two years -- Trevor Cahill, Andrew Bailey, and Gio Gonzalez -- who are not only excellent pitchers but also by all accounts are also really good people. Thanks for representing the Oakland A's so well.

Today's starting lineups, courtesy of Baseball Press, feature A's players who clearly were only not named to the All-Star team because Ron Washington couldn't take them all: