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Outman To Sacramento, Gio Gonzalez To Arizona (For The All-Star Game)

The A's have optioned Josh Outman to AAA, meaning he won't see the big leagues until after the All-Star game. Speaking of the All-Star game, Gio Gonzalez will represent the A's. Shockingly, Gio beat out Scott Sizemore, Conor Jackson, Brian Fuentes, and David De "Hey I'm on the A's so I should stop hitting well" for the honor.

However, Gio earned it on his own merit, posting a 2.38 ERA good for 4th in the AL. (He should, however, give a nod of thanks to the weather for wiping out 7 ER in Texas.) Gonzalez goes for the A's today at 1:05pm as Oakland tries to win the series against the Diamondbacks. If they win, I think every A's player should celebrate by pumping their arms, in unison, with the gesture Kirk Gibson gave in 1988.

See you at 1:05pm!