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Open Thread: Game 103 (Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics)

It may have taken a little Disney World magic to beat the Rays last night, but tonight might require the same.

The A's are facing the 2007 #1 overall pick in LHP David Price (9-8, 3.67 ERA), and he's been nails against the A's in his career so far. Opposing him for Oakland is RHP Brandon McCarthy (2-5, 3.74 ERA). McCarthy has had horrible luck with his win-loss record this year, but he's been a fantastic gem of a find for the Athletics, with a sterling 2.60 FIP. His walk rate is only 1.45 batters per nine innings, which would put him second in the American League (behind Dan Haren) if he qualified.

First pitch is at 7:05.


2B Weeks
CF Crisp
LF Matsui
DH Willingham
1B Jackson
RF DeJesus
3B Sizemore
C Suzuki
SS Pennington