Daric Barton - Season finished before it really got started?

Note: I'm promoting this post to the front page, since Barton discussion will most likely be the topic of the day. Baseballgirl left this note in last night's gamethread recap. —danmerqury

"During the game, AN learned that a recent MRI on Daric Barton revealed a torn labrum in his right shoulder. We have had this confirmed by a source outside the A's organization. This could explain the unexplainable this season; this injury would have absolutely reduced Barton's power, would explain his discomfort at the plate, as well as his troubles with his throwing arm. The injury will likely require surgery and 4-8 months of recovery time. A second opinion is forthcoming. It will likely end his 2011 season, but could put him back with the A's by Spring Training of next year."

Daric Barton finally received a medical opinion for the persistent pain and weakness in his shoulders last Thursday.  Results from an MRI performed on his right shoulder revealed a torn labrum.  Apparently his left shoulder bothers him and he will have that one looked at as well.  In the interim, he is headed to LA to see Dr. Yocum, whom has looked at his films, to discuss options.  Barton has allegedly complained of pain, discomfort and weakness in his shoulders for months and has been receiving treatment for his problems since the Minnesota series in April. 

This information certainly explains Barton's season in it's entirety.  Why the diagnosis wasn't made by the Athletic's staff remains to be seen. 

I feel badly for Daric and wish him the best along with a speedy recovery and hope the A's remedy their problem.