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Open Thread: Game 99 (Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees)

Well, this should be fun! The A's wander into Yankee Stadium tonight with their 1-9 record at the new yard, looking to change not only their luck, but Trevor Cahill's as well. Let's not talk about Cahill's last outing there. The A's haven't beat the Yankees at home since 2009, but they will have three more chances this weekend. Every time I watch the Yankees, I'm struck by the large disparity in lineups; anyone from 1-7 on that team (and 1-9 on some nights) would be our best hitter.

Despite all that, we still have to play tonight, and I don't know about you, but I'm tired of losing, especially on East Coast televised games. The good news is that Weeks and Sizemore are back in the lineup tonight; I don't want to say that we had no chance without them, but c'mon. You know.

I think today's game hinges entirely on Trevor Cahill. No pressure there, kid, but he has to keep the A's in the game against Phil Hughes.This is why they play the games. Safe money says the Yankees will sweep again, but stranger things have happened. Let's all root really hard.

From BaseballPress: