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AN To Get Fleeced At The Trading Deadline

Yeah, not sure what I was thinking except that I know Joe Saunders writes "winning articles". Sell high on Evil Don? Flip Zonis barely after acquiring him? Like I said, we're getting fleeced here.

Zonis, muttering something about landing a full time job that pays him in actual currency, needs to step back from regular front page duties -- I know, never such a flimsy excuse have I ever heard -- and to my great chagrin Dons Good and Evil, who have tried unsuccessfully to step back twice before, have cited the equally unconvincing "jobs and life take actual time and energy" as the reason 67MARQUEZ is taking a front page hiatus that will last somewhere from a hour to forever.

What did we get back to replace this talent? Brace yourself. (I kid, I kid.)

As you may already have noticed, Leopold Bloom has stepped in already and will assume a regular day (Thursdays) beginning next week. Susan Slusser couldn't be happier, as she is always quick to note that she finds Bloomie funnier than she finds me, which explains my demotion to Saturdays.

Filling another day (Sundays) will be dwishinsky, who might on the surface appear to be part of a "rebuilding move" but who is in fact an experienced writer for The Todd Van Poppel Rookie Card Retirement Plan. If you haven't checked out his site before, take a gander and I'll try to remember that we're down one goose.

Meanwhile, because any "3 for 2 deal" is obviously a steal, gigglingone will join our "super sub" utility team and last I saw her she was sprinting around the blog typing at full speed preparing for her "Adam Rosales" role. So 67MARQUEZ, Zonis, and gigglingone will join Blez as available fill-ins, while the rest of us man (and by "man" I sometimes mean woman) our regularly assigned days.

All seriousness aside, a couple important notes...Zonis and 67MARQUEZ are committed to finding the time to continue their signature contributions: In Zonis' case, the Community Prospect Lists and in 67MARQUEZ' case, his epic historical pieces. They just aren't in a position right now to continue committing to "scheduled once/week" duty.

And I am grateful to be able to add writers, and people, of the quality that Leopold Bloom, dwishinsky, and gigglingone provide, although I say that having never met or spoken to dwishinsky and being currently unable even to confirm whether this is a male, a female, a tranny, an 8-year old, or a deceased fictional character. I'm hoping tranny, just cuz it would be nice to have someone with whom I can shop for stiletto heels.

So there you have it. As I type this, I realize we came out ok. Sure it hurts to lose Good Don, but it helps to have someone else take on Evil Don's contract as part of the deal. So I think we'll be ok. And we're all gonna die!!!!!!!!

AND IT'S TIME FOR A CHEZ NICO!!!! The perfect combination of "weekend," "away game," and "convenient game time" is nigh impossible to find, so we have settled on Sunday, August 7th for our annual BYODA (Bring Your Own Dead Animal).

This is a 10:40am game at Tampa Bay, so we will plan to roast deceased or severely injured animals ("animals" to include seafood, tofu, mushrooms, and anything else you can fit on a grill) after the game.

And to make it a "triple header o' awesomeness," we're hoping to follow lunch with a low-stakes poker game. So it's "low steaks followed by low stakes" at the ol' Chez if you're in the East Bay and wish to join. Email me ( to get on the guest list. Poochini eagerly awaits your RSVP (Rare Steak, Vacated Plate).