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The Tease came early as A's drop to Snakes

Chris Trogdor Carter attempts a barehanded catch! No word as of yet on what type of bear.
Chris Trogdor Carter attempts a barehanded catch! No word as of yet on what type of bear.

It might not have come to surprise anyone that the A's were shut down by a former Angels pitcher, after all, that is what they were trained to do. But now that Joe Saunders is out of the organization, you would think he would learn to drop their habits. Apparently not, as Saunders held the A's scoreless till the 8th, until Brazoban allowed his runners to score. Outman, on the flip side, struggled, allowing 4 runs in 6 innings, on 7 hits, 3 walks and 3 strikeouts. At least Chris Young would not get his Cycle.

The action started right off the bat when the aforementioned Chris Young, with 1 out, singled in Willy Ballgame Bloomquist (yes, he actually still has a job! I know! I wouldn't have guessed it either!). Forward to the third, and Young, again, would double down the left field line, just over the 3rd base bag, and into the corner to knock in a run.

For the next two innings, the A's would make an attempt, getting two runners on in the bottom of the third with 2 outs on singles by Sizemore and Weeks, and in the bottom of the 4th on a 2 out double by Conor Jackson which was misplayed by Dbacks left fielder Gerardo Parra (who had just made a diving catch to rob Chris Carter of a base hit), only to be stranded both times on a pop out and a ground out, respectively. 

Chris Young would strike again in the 5th, however, collecting his 4th RBI of the night on a two run homerun to make the game 4-0 Snakes. 

Forward to the bottom of the 8th and the A's finally started to do some damage against Saunders. After a Rosales walk and a Weeks single, the Dbacks relieved Saunders and brought in Yhency Brazoban, who proceeded to fall off the mound, advancing the Rosales and Weeks to 2nd and 3rd on the balk. Scott Sizemore would then ground out to short to knock in Rosales, followed by a Hideki Matsui single to knock in Weeks. That's where the tease start winding down, however, as after a Chris Carter single, the two runners would be stranded, as Jackson, representing the winning run, would strike out looking to end the inning. 

The A's had a few chances to get to Saunders, leaving men in scoring position in three innings, and only managing to score once Saunders had left the game. Melvin's A's are now 1-1 in this series against his former team, and go for the series victory tomorrow. At least they aren't in Arizona.