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Open Thread: The One Where We Have to Survive Another Half

So on a scale of sane to crazy (that scale seems to be used quite a bit around here), how do you rate my choice to come up to Oakland to attend three games in two days this upcoming weekend? I don't think I'm alone; I have heard rumors of a dessert tailgate after the second game of the doubleheader? Who is going to the games this weekend? I would love to see AN friends--things are pretty grim around here when it's all about the people instead of the baseball. Or maybe that's nice. I can't decide.

Just a quick reminder: I have received numerous ticket requests for the Anaheim series, so thanks! For those of you who haven't yet responded, I need to know if you are coming, how many tickets you will need, and for how many games of the series. We definitely have enough for a group rate on Saturday night; I'm working on Friday and Sunday for interested parties. Expect an email if you have responded to any Anaheim threads; I'll get that out soon. There will also be Disneyland information included, as well. In other words, are you tired of watching the A's? Then fly to Anaheim to see them live, in person!

Here are the details:

A's visit Anaheim - September 23-25. Friday night's game is 7:05, Saturday's is at 6:05, and Sunday's is at 12:35. Saturday night will be our "So Cal AN Day" party; everyone who is local needs to put that date on your calendar. I have contacted the Angels for seats; they will be between $20-$30 a piece. If you want me to save a group ticket for you for any of the days, post in this thread and/or email me at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail with the number of tickets you will need and which days you will need them.

I will send out the Paypal link today or tomorrow, so you can reserve your seat(s).

In other fun news, Pepsi MAX sent me a photo to share:

Baseball Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson helped launch the Pepsi MAX Field of Dreams promotion at MLB All-Star Fan Fest on Tuesday, July 12, 2011. Fans can go to to cast their ballot for their 11-man dream team.


Remember those days?