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Baltimore 3, Jemile Weeks 2; A's And Crappy Offense Drop 9th Straight

I can hit, I can field...what can't I do? Maybe there should be nine of me.
I can hit, I can field...what can't I do? Maybe there should be nine of me.

The A's lose their ninth game in a row, and fall to their third straight series sweep today against the Orioles. Josh Outman was the victim of one bad inning--and the world's most horrific offense, save for rookie Jemile Weeks, who I'm sure is thinking, "Why was I sent from Triple-A to a high school team? What did I do wrong?"

The one bright spot in the game was Weeks, who went 2-3 with two runs scored. Weeks collected his first Major League hit--a double--in the third inning. He wasn't moved from second base, of course, but that's not important. Congratulations, kid! Weeks' second hit came leading off the sixth inning; he scored the A's first run on Barton's double-play. Awwww...that's A's baseball!

The A's would score one more run after Weeks reached base on an error in the eighth inning. He scored on a sacrifice fly by Coco Crisp. Of course their two runs weren't enough to counter Baltimore's 3-run fifth inning against Josh Outman, who pitched well enough to win if he played for any other team in the league. In his six innings, Outman allowed five hits and struck out four. Devine and Bailey both pitched scoreless innings to finish the game.

Because this is horrific to watch every day, I just have to give a heartfelt congratulations to everyone who still joins in the game threads lately. I love you guys, even if I have nothing to say about the team right now. Oh, except, "Billy, you can go fire him now".

So since AN is so fun lately, will you guys do me a favor? If you can find your favorite quotes, one-liners, quips or otherwise funny stuff on AN from this season, will you reply to the comment with QOTM, so I can search? I think we need something AN-centered, not A's-centered for Friday.