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Open Thread - Game 62: A's @ Orioles

As danbot continues his journey along the yellow brick road in search of a heart- hey! just like the A's!- I will be your host for this afternoon. Admittedly, I will have to rely on Ken Korach for today's action, while I multi-task through the game threads. Old hat.

Further proof that A's management reads our little ol' site: the lineup is a-shakin'. And right there on top, making his big-league debut, is none other than Jemilie Weeks. Woot!

There's a spill on aisle 7, and the A's send Guillermo Moscoso to clean up the mess. He will opposed by Chris Jakubauskas. Overall, our guy has theirs beat by a syllable; let's hope he's at least one (less) run better on the bump.

And now for your viewing pleasure, the lineups:

1. J.J. Hardy (R) SS

2. Nick Markakis (L) RF

3. Adam Jones (R) CF

4. Vladimir Guerrero (R) DH

5. Derrek Lee (R) 1B

6. Matt Wieters (S) C

7. Luke Scott (L) LF

8. Mark Reynolds (R) 3B

9. Ryan Adams (R) 2B

1. Jemile Weeks (S) 2B

2. Daric Barton (L) 1B

3. David DeJesus (L) RF

4. Josh Willingham (R) LF

5. Ryan Sweeney (L) CF

6. Kurt Suzuki (R) C

7. Hideki Matsui (L) DH

8. Scott Sizemore (R) 3B

9. Cliff Pennington (S) SS