The Faceless A's: No Heart, No Identity, No Team

baseballgirl update: Apparently, it IS possible to pile on more right now:

A's Brett Anderson returns to Bay Area to have elbow examined

Multiple team sources confirmed Monday that A's left-hander Brett Anderson is heading back to the Bay Area to have his left elbow checked.

Anderson has touched the 95-96 mph range in the past, but his fastball has clocked more often in the low 90s for the past several starts.


I was going to write a V-for-Vendetta-type screed calling for open rebellion against management, complete with explosions and mayhem, but when a long-time dyed-in-the-wool fan like Saint chimes in with this sort of sentiment I feel it carries a lot more cred and weight than when it comes from me. So here you are and a thank you to Raymond, who bleeds green and gold and whose heart, like so many here, absolutely breaks for what we are seeing.


I think it's time for me open my trap about the most non-existent "Team" in baseball. That's right A's fans, it appears that the players have finally been completely sublimated into buying, selling and living the way that the boss man is shilling it out. If Bob Geren fell in the woods, would anyone notice. Or even, more importantly, did it even happen?

After every loss, it is the same attitude from the owners, players, coaches and media. Well except for Monte Poole, who pretty much echoed these sentiments a few days ago:

Though John Fisher and Lew Wolff have owned the A's for more than six years, they needed only the first two to take what once was a good franchise with an engaged fan base and starve it into lethargic inertia.

Moreover, Fisher and Wolff have shown no inclination of tending to their team anytime soon.

If this is NOT a Major league (The Movie) situation, then what is it that makes the ownership group, executives, coaches and players so passive? Maybe Ray Fosse can lead the charge from the microphone...

Watch Harry Doyle pull his best Ray Fosse

I can swear that the A's charter a plane just like that!

I think that it is important to note that the longest tenured Athletic is Mark Ellis. A below the radar, team player who doesn't rock the boat. There it is, protocol for your 2011 Athletics. Be invisible, don't rock the boat, collect your paycheck and enjoy the big league spread while the "Businessmen" run/ruin the ship to such disrepair that the team's move from old hated Oakland is approved.

I mean, how else do you explain the lack of fire or passion on a Major League baseball team?

Who is the voice of this team? Suzuki? Ellis? Willingham?

Who rallies this team in the dugout? Crisp? DeJesus? Kooooz?

Nope, none of them. The manager, talking head, Bob Geren, has been given the podium and the wheel to drive this ship right onto the rocks. That is if the players don't rock the boat first. But what would their motivation be? They have a bunch of kids and yes men. Brian Fuentes jumped out and started something, then saw how everyone got in line with the company and then came around too.

I'm sorry guys, but, this is terribly disappointing to me. I have shed blood, sweat and tears for this team and for the fans, but, I don't have it in me anymore. My heartbeat for the A's is barely alive. And that is pretty bad.