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Open Thread: Game 60 (Oakland Athletics at Boston Red Sox)

It is a tough time to be an A's fan right now, and I think that bear88 summed it up perfectly:

Everyone is frustrated

Let’s see. The A’s were swept by the Giants, swept by the Yankees, and have lost twice to the Red Sox – even when, in today’s game, Boston tried to give it away.

The team is finding new and entertaining ways to lose, the manager never should have been picked (much less retained), the general manager seems oddly detached, the owner just bitches ineffectively about wanting to move to another city when not calling his stupid manager "terrific," the best team in the division is getting its best players back and is pulling away, and we are looking forward to another boring baseball summer with an unclear but gloomy future ahead of us.

I’m tired of it.

Yeah, some blame Geren even when it's not Geren's fault. And, yes, irrational comments flood the game threads. But what's a fan to do? They, like bear88, are tired. And they want- they need- someone to blame. And it all falls back on Geren. So, what about Bob?

The one thing that really boils the blood within me is the notion that while Geren's contract may not be renewed, he will surely last the season because Billy Beane does not wish to embarrass his friend. Now I have not seen or heard Billy himself say such a thing, but if there is even a smidge of truth to it, well, let's go ahead and declare that preposterous at its bloody worst.

There are over 860 people who "like" the "Fire Bob Geren" page on Facebook. I'm shocked that total isn't higher.

I have gone back and forth- between good and evil, you can say- on the whole "should he stay or should he go" campaign. I realize there are things that are simply not Geren's doing. But after a while the same excuses become- there's that word again- tired.

But a win heals all wounds, and the A's will try to scrape the doo-doo off their shoes at Fenway Park. Brett Anderson carries the weight of his team's five-game skid on his young shoulders, while John Lackey tries to send the A's to a second consecutive sweep.

Your lineups:

Ellsbury, CF

Pedroia, 2B

Gonzalez, 1B

Youkilis, 3B

Ortiz, DH

Lowrie, SS

Crawford, LF

Cameron, RF

Saltalamacchia, C

Crisp, CF

Sweeney, LF

DeJesus, DH

Jackson, RF

Suzuki, C

Barton, 1B

Ellis, 2B

Kouzmanoff, 3B

Pennington, SS

OK, try not to kill each other.