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lAughAble: A's Drop Series To Foundering Flounders (ok, Marlins)

R.I.P. (Rockies In Peace)
R.I.P. (Rockies In Peace)

Even a team that was 3-23 for the month couldn't drop a series to the hapless, hitless A's. The Marlins end the month a whopping 5-23, as the A's ran their scoring drought to 21 consecutive innings before getting on the board in the bottom of the 7th. At that point the A's were trailing 5-0, and once they scored Oakland liked it so much they kept trying it each inning. Coco Crisp's solo HR in the 8th made it 5-2 and Kurt Suzuki's two-run HR in the 9th made it 5-4. Then the A's remembered who they are, Adam Rosales and Jemile Weeks struck out, the teAse was off.

So what turned out to be a key play in the game? Probably an at bat that sums up Oakland's season as much as any. Runner at 3B, two out, 5th inning of a game Florida led just 1-0, and Trevor Cahill got Hanley Ramirez to hit a dribbler up the 3B line. In the words of Ken Korach, "Rolling, rolling, right down the line, rolling, rolling..." It just wouldn't kick foul, just wouldn't. RBI single, 2-0, and by the time Bob Melvin came to get Cahill it was 5-0.

Sure, if that ball rolls foul then quite possibly Cahill gets out of the inning and perhaps the A's wind up on the winning side of the ledger. And if we had some ham, we would have ham and eggs if we had some eggs.

Join me at 6:00pm as I take a look at the A's choices going forward, as they try to turn this franchise from a team in organizational freefall to the contender they envisioned when the club broke camp at the end of March. As today's game, and this series, helped to illustrate, there will be no easy answers.